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Our Publications

Domestic Laundry and Microfiber Pollution: Exploring Fiber Shedding from Consumer Apparel Textiles

Pervasive Distribution of Polyester Fibers in the Arctic Ocean is Driven by Atlantic Inputs

Ross, P.S., Chastain, S., Vassilenko, E. et al

Community Scientists Help to Identify Local Priorities for Micrpolastics: A Pilot Study on Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Flores Ruiz, I. Yang, S. Edson, E. Wenham, D. Posacka, A.

Microplastics in Beluga Whale (Delphinapterus Leucas) Prey: An Exploratory Assessment of Trophic Transfer in the Beaufort Sea

Moore, M. Noel, A. Etemadifar, L. Loseto, A.M. Posacka, L. Bendell, P.S. Ross

Microplastics segregation by rise velocity at the ocean surface

Michelle H DiBenedetto, Jessica Donohue, Kate Tremblay, Ethan Edson and Kara Lavender Law

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