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Combining state-of-the-art laboratory analysis, scientific capabilities and expertise for plastics and microplastics

About Our Lab

Plastic pollution is a major challenge for our oceans, environment and society. It includes microscopic particles, known as microplastics, that are routinely found in water, air and food and are a growing concern for ecosystem and human health.


Our mission is to support organizations, environmental managers, industries, and communities in their efforts to assess, monitor and reduce plastics in the environment. Our team are experts in the field who specialize in scientific studies and laboratory analysis of plastics, microplastics and textile microfibers.

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  • Design and conduct assessment of sources, releases and dispersal of microplastics

  • Assist with field sampling, including application of Ocean Diagnostics' technology

  • Extract microplastics from diverse media, including wastewater, surface waters, fish, sediments, soil and commercial effluents

  • Quantification and polymer identification of microplastics using state of the art Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy


  • Test products and samples for microplastic contaminants and their identity

  • Evaluate exposure and mitigate risks

  • Make operational improvements

  • Improve material safety and sustainability

  • Understand the evolving regulatory landscape for plastics and microplastics

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Our Publications

Existing Collaborative Partnerships

British Antarctic Survey

Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada

University of British Columbia

of Victoria


We work with government, academia and industry partners interested in monitoring and mitigating plastic and microplastic waste in the environment.


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