Portable AI-based imaging system for rapid physical analysis



To understand how microplastics break down, move through the oceans and freshwater systems and collect on coastlines, researchers and community monitoring groups must quantify a robust set of particle size parameters. 

Saturna is a portable, standardized imaging and illumination device that plugs in to your computer and syncs with Mariana, our web-based data analysis portal, to rapidly characterize and quantify visible microplastic particles. 

Use it to collect a robust set of size, color and categorical metrics for visible microplastic samples (>400μm) like those collected from Manta trawls, neuston nets, beach quadrat samples and community studies.

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  • Highly standardized built-in LED lighting system provides consistent and reproducible lighting for your microplastic samples 

  • Compatible with any Windows PC and operated using our Mariana data portal   

  • Provides physical size, color and categorical data for all microplastics imaged  

  • Computer pattern recognition and sizing algorithms calculate 11 discrete size calculations for every particle  

  • Predictive color models calculate repeatable and standardized average color calculations for each particle  

  • Machine learning models automatically classify your particles into common categories such as fragments, pellets, lines, films and foams  

  • Compare your samples over spatial areas using our Mariana data portal for further insight and sample analysis 

  • Applicable for classifying microplastics' physical size, color and categorical characteristics 



The data below is provided for every particle imaged:

  • Maximum Width (mm)  

  • 2D Surface Area (mm2)  

  • Convex Surface Area (mm2)  

  • Perimeter (mm)  

  • Convex Perimeter (mm)  

  • Bounding Box Width (mm)  

  • Bounding Box Height (mm)  

  • Aspect Ratio  

  • Circularity  

  • Convexity  

  • Solidity  

  • Average HSV Color Value  

  • Average LAB Color Value  

  • Average BGR Color Value  

  • AI Color Prediction and Confidence Interval (Using 15 common color keys)  

  • AI Particle Categorical Prediction and Confidence Interval (fragment, pellet, film, line, foam, etc.) 



  • Use to collect high quality physical data for visible particles larger than 400μm in size 

  • Integrated 8MP Sony IMX179 CMOS Imaging sensor provides high resolution data 

  • Integrated ~4000k neutral white LED array and light-blocking shroud provide highly standardized microplastics images with consistent lighting for comparative size and color analysis across time, location, and external lighting conditions 

  • Included calibration discs provide highly accurate particle sizing references for physical analysis computer vision algorithms. Use Saturna through our Mariana data portal with any Windows PC 

  • Unlimited sample analyses are included with a low cost yearly subscription to the Mariana data portal 

  • Optional waterproof hard case for easy transport into the field (26cm x 20cm x 12cm)