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Ocean Diagnostics pioneers sampling, imaging, sensing and data solutions for microplastics and fibers in marine, freshwater and water treatment systems.


At Ocean Diagnostics, our technology is designed specifically to solve the challenges of quantifying and tracking microplastics in marine, freshwater and water treatment systems.

Whether you collect visible microplastics at the surface of the water using net tows or beach surveys, sample microplastics through the water column, measure microplastics upstream, in or downstream from water treatment facilities, or need tools to aggregate, visualize and collaborate on microplastics data, we streamline your process and increase the global data needed to influence change.

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Portable depth sampler to collect filtered microplastic samples

  • Collect samples down to 400m without the need for large, expensive research vessels and heavy sampling equipment

  • Deploy anytime from a small vessel or install in a stationary location for an automated time-series deployment

  • Collect up to 7 different samples with up to two nested 47mm diameter filters

  • Minimize contamination

  • Track real-time data including depth, flow rate, temperature, battery level and more.


AI-based microplastics imaging system

  • Saturna is a portable research tool that uses customized computer vision algorithms and machine learning (AI) to accurately analyze visible microplastic particles such as those from beach cleanups and net tows

  • Rapidly receive highly-standardized image analyses, including 13 size metrics and colour analysis for every particle analyzed, cutting hours of analysis time into minutes


Community Science Toolkit Ocean DiagnosticsP8033031_edited.jpg


Cloud-based collaborative and open-source microplastics data portal

  • Cloud-based collaborative microplastics data portal providing high-resolution, open-source global data for visualization and analytics

  • Collaborate to better organize data and more easily work together toward solutions.

  • Access a variety of visual maps, graphs, data analytics and reporting tools

  • Improve your understanding of global plastic distribution

  • Access anywhere with internet



The in-situ sampling and analysis instrument currently in development to provide real-time microplastics data

  • Eliminate the time-consuming and limited process to sample and analyze microplastic particles 

  • Analyze water samples for microplastic particles in real-time


Bespoke Engineering

Tell us about your research objectives and learn how we can help you!

We are a collaborative environmental impact company founded on the belief that increased data and knowledge will allow us to protect and monitor our most precious environmental resources more effectively.

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